“Mexican Lute player Karina González Treviño and italian guitarist Danilo DiPrizio,
blend their musical paths into new direction through all music influences.
A true sound experience across the time boundaries”

“FiLMiNCASA” is a musical and multimedial project by Karina Treviño, mexican musician, lute player and Danilo DiPrizio, italian guitarist and visual artist. The project started in Italy in 2011, by sharing some thoughts about the “spontaneous” music and writing the first pieces inspired by their improvisations. Since the beginning, the compositions reveal a wide-ranging open to many stylistic and cultural influences. Next and in response to a clear understanding of what music can do today, especially when combined with images, they release their first single together with the self-produce and self-directed videoclip  “Lasciareandare” – a real short film entirely shot in stopmotion. Later new arrangements came from reinventing instrumental pieces of early music and recently the new video “Aerial Boundaries”, an original arrangement for lute and guitar of an historic piece by American composerguitarist Michael Hedges . More recent is the approach to electronic music iniciated by the making of some soundtracks. Since 2012, they performed in Italy, Mexico, France and Switzerland. They are currently working on their first recording.

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 Principio di Virtù

Aerial Boundaries